🔥 Cracking the Google Review Mystery: The Agent’s Guide💡

In my experience, it’s a myth that competing estate agents share their best ideas.

Collaboration only goes so far.

Picture this scenario.

Agent A, let’s call him John has an office in Trumpton opposite Agent B.

Let’s christen her, Jane.

Like many estate agents, John has been baffled by reviews he’s received vanishing from his agency’s online Google Maps (formerly Google My Business) profile.

He’s also been pulling out his hair about reviews clients have left his agency that haven’t shown up – even though he’s seen screenshots of them.

And he’s frustrated to F’k about Google’s‘ Computer says no’ response to his repeated requests for help and guidance around what the hell is happening.

 This is a big problem for his agency and has been going on for months.

As Google Reviews are crucial to a business’s success, John must find a way to fix things.

Then he comes across something that solves his digital dilemma.

There’s no way that John, even though he’s a lovely fella, will willingly share this solution with Jane, who he likes, but ultimately is in competition with.

Now for the Good News

My point here is the best ideas often don’t fall into your lap.

You usually need to work a little to get your hands on them.

The good news is for you, as a subscriber to my weekly email – all you must do is read this article until the end to get the idea that helped me, and several of our members cure their Google Review headache.

John’s tale of online woe is based on our own true story.

Following months of headaches about our reviews vanishing and taking us as low as 147, we’re now back up to our rightful place of 200 five-star reviews because of an idea I found online after hours of research.

Google said it was due to an algorithmic change.

I’m sure that unaccountable algorithms being the way they are, we’ll unexpectedly lose a few more along the way (Note: as of 5.22 am on Thursday, 27 July, we’re down to 199), but at least now we know how to try to get them back.

Over to You

If you’re serious about how your agency is perceived online, you need a strong Google Review presence.

Such positive reviews and proof of how good we are as a business helps win the Estate Agent Content Club new clients.




And it can do the same for your agency.

Here’s What Worked for Us

If you’re serious about fixing any issue with your reviews, you’ll check out the video below, which outlines the steps you need to follow to ask Google to recover and republish them.

Just don’t tell Jane.

Watch here

Thanks for reading.


PS: I recently shared a Daily Idea about how you can get more Google Reviews. See below.

💡 Daily Idea 206 💡

Ask Your Suppliers / Industry Partners for Reviews

I’m obsessed with Google Reviews and the social proof and kudos they bring to a business – especially after they recently reinstated more than 50 reviews its bar$7ard algorithm wiped off incorrectly.

Here’s an idea – Why not ask your suppliers and/or contractors to leave you a review? They have experience of how you operate as an agency, right?

There’s no issue as long as it’s honest and accurate.