Estate Agency Advice from Beyond the Grave

A 60-second read.
I saw a gravestone this week in the local cemetery which was a work of genius and beauty.
It read: “Here lies a Polish soldier and his English rose.”
The couple were born in the 1920s and died a handful of years apart.
Whoever created that tribute knows the value of words.
Nine words which succinctly told two life stories and conjured up adventure, service, courage, devotion, and love.
Google’s founder Larry Page also knows the importance of nailing it in as few words as possible.
A kid asked him what he did for a living. His response was ‘I help people find things.’
We are living in an age where attention spans have never been shorter. Long-form marketing is dying.
So, you need to get across what you do and why you do it as quickly and powerfully as possible. It’s a skill that will be increasingly in demand in the years to come.
My Larry Page inspired pitch would be ‘I make agents’ lives easier.’
What’s yours? How do you sum up what you do for your clients in less than five to nine words?
Thanks for reading.