How Your Estate Agency Can Get Involved in the Battle for Our Future

On Friday 22 April, it’ll be World Earth Day.

This is a chance to raise environmental awareness about climate change and how we can all do our bit to fight it.

It’s the most important challenge we face as a species and as an industry.

Some of you may read this and think ‘well, it’s not my problem.’ If that sounds like you, just unsubscribe. Thanks.

Many of you, (me included up until last year), may be thinking ‘it’s a massive issue but what difference can my small actions make?’ If that’s you, keep reading, as this may be of interest.

To mark World Earth Day, we’ll be creating a Sustainability Statement for ALL agents who want to use it.

It’ll be created in Canva so that agencies can easily edit it with their own branding and messaging.

We normally limit anything like this to members of the Estate Agent Content Club, but this is an issue that transcends territorial rivalry and postcode exclusivity.

The estate agency industry is a powerful force when it comes together. You just need to look at things like the response to the Ukraine crisis and Stephen Brown’s Computers for Schools appeal.

It’s very much a work in progress so we’re seeking your ideas as well. The statement may well develop into something else – either way, it’ll be a way of sharing ideas and tips with others.

Below are 11 ideas we’re considering.

1 – Lease an electric car.

2 – Ask a local environmental charity to do an audit of your office and operations to work out your carbon footprint.

3 – Buy from local suppliers wherever possible.

4 – Install a mains-attached water filter rather than single-use plastic bottles.

5 – Research the proptech that will cut down on the amount of paper you use.

6 – If you own your office and are in a position to do so, consider installing solar panels – I know an agency that did this and their energy bills have been slashed.

7 – Share content and ideas that help homeowners, tenants, and landlords, to live in a more sustainable way.

8 – Eco-friendly boards – Kremer Signs are among one of the industry suppliers offering recycled boards.

9 – For each completion, plant a tree.

10 – Use public transport to attend industry conferences and events.

11 – Check out ethical companies within the industry like Just Move In.

Over to you – I’d love to hear your climate change combatting ideas and about companies that serve our industry that take the environmental issues seriously.

My aim is to incorporate good ideas and best practices into the Sustainability Statement.

Thanks in advance.