How NOT to Employ Plebs

Hello folks,

This week’s article is short and sharp.

But I just had to share this with you as it’s excellent advice.

I met a mate a few weeks ago who runs a VERY successful building company that employs more than 30 people.

He gave me some brilliant advice around recruitment – and in his straight-talking style, he dubbed it – ‘don’t employ fkng PLEBs.’

Here’s how he broke down his HR strategy : )

Problems – “Get rid of people who walk past problems they could easily deal with – no matter how small.”

Liars – “Everyone gets one chance at a fib, but if I catch them lying twice, they’re down the road (sacked).”

Excuses – “Lazy pr!ck$ find an excuse for everything. Especially when it comes to finishing things/jobs properly.”

Blame – “When I hear someone blaming someone else for the first time, I ask ‘Why?’

Then if it happens again, I ask ‘what have you done about it rather than coming to me to point fingers?

Blamers don’t take responsibility – I fk them off out of it as I can’t be dealing with that mentality.”

My mate’s company have very long-serving, well-treated workers – his mantra is ‘look after the good uns, get shot of the PLEBs.’

And there you have it.

Thanks for reading,