How to Be the Muhammad Ali 🥊 of Estate Agency Marketing

Muhammad Ali is my biggest hero.

Outside of my family and a few close friends, there’s no one I adore more.

His wit, skill, bravery, humanity, faith, and kindness continue to inspire me.

I was in a very dark place emotionally when my parents died within eight weeks of each other in 2005 – 06. Reading, watching, and learning as much as I could about Ali at that time helped me enormously.

In my mind, he’s almost otherworldly and someone whose life is filled with valuable lessons for us all.

And there are plenty of lessons estate agents can learn from the GOAT (Greatest of All Time).

Let’s start.

“I am the greatest.”

Ali proclaimed to being the greatest a long time before he actually was.

His inner self-belief and public announcements fuelled his work ethic, which was incredible by all accounts. (Another lesson there, you may be a talented agent but are you putting in the graft?)

I believe my team are the greatest estate agent content creators in the industry.

Obviously, this is open to debate, and people will disagree.

There’s nothing wrong with being confident and backing yourself.

My Uncle Tighe had a great quote about self-confidence – ‘don’t wait around for others to pick up your trumpet and blow it for you.’

Agencies who manage to strike the delicate balance between confident marketing and coming across as a flash Harry or Harriet position themselves cleverly.


Well, have you ever thought to yourself, ‘I want to find the second or third best company to carry out the work I need doing?’ I doubt it.

People worth dealing with tend to want the job done by the best person possible. Of course, you’ll always get the cheapskates, but in my experience, when they come knocking, it’s time to do your best Ali shuffle impersonation and move far away from them.

How is your agency showing that you are the greatest locally, or that you are the best agent to match a specific prospective client’s needs?

“It ain’t bragging if you can back it up.”

It’s one of my favourite quotes and guides a lot of what we do here at the club.

If you make a bold claim about being the best local agent, you need to prove it.

When I say we’re the greatest estate agent content creators, we back it up by having the most five-star Google reviews in the industry (162 as of 11 May 2022).

This confidence reassures people they are making the right decision to use us. And this applies to agencies as much as it does to us.

On the ESTAS platform, we scored a customer satisfaction score of 99.59 across 81 reviews. We also clocked up a 98.84 score when our clients were asked how they would rate us when it came to recommending us to others.

This is us backing up our brags, and here’s how you can do yours.

The why behind the pie

Rightmove PIE charts can be useful tools for showcasing how good you are.

But it’s explaining the why behind the pie that is really tasty.

If you’ve got the biggest market share / number of homes sold / lowest fall-through rates – great! But take the time to explain why.

  • Is it your professional marketing?
  • Your highly skilled team of local people?
  • The way you prepare a property for sale or regularly communicate with landlords and tenants?

Awards and reviews

Yes, awards help establish the perception of how good you are, but in my opinion, reviews are more important when it comes to convincing prospects you are their best option.

Why? Because I can’t imagine any home seller or landlord thinking, ‘let’s check which agency has the most awards before we call them out.’ But many people start a search, for any service they need, by checking out the reviews of businesses they have in mind.

What process do you have to regularly collect reviews and testimonials?

Alex Evans from Estate Apps and Ben Marley of ESTAS both have very clever ways of doing this. I’d be happy to intro to you to these guys if you want.

And finally…

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

This quote from Ali highlights his approach to what made his one of the most remarkable lives ever lived.

And the point here is simple for estate agents.

If your service is outstanding and from the heart, it is probably the best marketing move you can make. It creates word of mouth, which is the gift that keeps on giving.

The elite agents I work with and have met over the years ALL care deeply about the service and support they provide their clients, their team, and even their suppliers.

Thanks for reading.


PS: Are you sharing high quality, consistently sent content to your database and social media followers? If not, let’s have a chat. We can help your agency punch above its weight when it comes to getting noticed, liked and trusted.