Imagine Abraham Lincoln as an Estate Agent

“I have a dream.”

“We will fight them on the beaches.”

“Make America great again.”

“Get Brexit done.”

Words have enormous power.

So why do many agents undervalue them?

Just look at how they’ve been used by politicians over the years to divide, terrify, inspire, unite and motivate people.

A great example of this is Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

It was a short speech delivered during the American Civil War in 1863.

Its message echoes more loudly now than ever.

The address was a turning point in the Civil War, as it moved, motivated and re-energised the Northern states to fight on and be victorious.

Lincoln’s speech was, by several historical accounts, under 275 words and less than two minutes long – the same time it takes to read this article (273 words).

The bloke who addressed the crowd before Lincoln spoke for two hours.

His name and message forgotten.

The best communicators can always do it concisely. Less but better.

Because the right words have power.

The power to create all sorts of action from the reader, listener or viewer.

If choosing the right words can change history for both good and bad, what can they do for your agency?

Would your blogs be more interesting?

Your nurture campaigns more helpful?

Your video content more entertaining?

Your canvassing letters more effective?

Your website a tool to win hearts and minds, rather than just list properties?

Ultimately, the words your agency chooses will create the tone of voice your community hears.

You can sound boring or interesting, snooze-inducing or thought-provoking, selfish or selfless.

It’s your choice.