My Jerry Maguire Moment

I went for an early morning run last Wednesday for the first time in ages.

I’ve been wrestling with a couple of big business decisions for a while and couldn’t seem to get my head around them.

About two miles into the run, the random shuffle on my iPhone played “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles LITERALLY as the sun started rising over the hills and houses to my left.

And just like that, the answers became crystal clear. I now know what to do.

In our society, we rely on data perhaps too much (don’t get me wrong, it can be very helpful – just look at what the geniuses at Homesearch are doing with it).

But sometimes, we’ve just got to listen to the soul and be open to the signs the world is sending us.

I’ve dubbed this my own Jerry Maguire Moment.

Let me explain the reference for those who haven’t watched the 1996 Tom Cruise film where he plays a sports agent (Maguire) who is frustrated with how things in his industry work.

According to the Google machine on the interweb, a Jerry Maguire Moment is: ‘loosely considered by pop culture to be one’s moment of sudden career clarity; that precise moment in time where you say, “I’m out!” – or in the case of early morning clarity, “I’m all in.”’.

I’m all in to creating a business with a soul.

I’m all in to paying more attention to my gut instinct.

I’m all in to working with fewer clients but creating better ‘stuff’.

I’m all in to prioritise those who see the value in what we do.

I’m all in to achieving B-Corp status for our business (Google it – it’s so good).

I’m all in to becoming an essential extension to our clients’ teams.

I’m all in to be there for our members, as are all my brilliant team.

Ultimately, we’re all in to continue caring more about people and less about profits – because, in our experience, the first step gives a big hand to the second.

Have you had a ‘Jerry Maguire Moment’?

Has it changed the direction of your agency and / or your life?

Are you missing the signs that life/the universe is trying to show you?

I’d love to hear about your experiences as I find them interesting and often inspiring.

Thanks for reading,


PS: At a time of uncertainty and unprecedented pressure on agents’ wallets and purses we had to make a decision about the monthly fees we charge our members. So, we did. We’ve FROZEN them for at least 12 months – no price hikes, no drop in service levels (quite the opposite) and no anxiety causing uncertainty around fees for our members. My old man used to call this kind of thing a ‘putting your money where ya mouth is’ moment.