One simple way to make your estate agency smarter

I know a lot of you love learning and are always on the hunt for new ideas that will improve your estate agencies.

I’m the same. Always signing up for e-guides, blogs, tip lists webinars, etc. Anything to do with content and I’m on it.

But things get messy. Too much information starts mixing itself up with my day to day emails.

So, last month I set up a email address. Works a treat.

Now all my info guides, learning subscriptions etc go to one place. The key point being I visit that ‘place’ weekly to catch up on my terms, rather than getting distracted when something interesting lands.

And to really ring-fence your attention access the learning@ address from your webmail rather your Outlook, Gmail etc.

I’ve done the same with accounts stuff – Numbers@ – But that does sit in my MS Outlook.

Hope that helps.