The Three AI Tools We Use Regularly

And 10 AIs for Estate Agents

AI is terrifying.

AI is exciting.

AI is overrated.

AI is a threat.

AI is an opportunity.

In my opinion, all of the above is true.

AI is having a big impact on content marketing.

We’re seeing the cheaper end of the agency market rely on ChatGPT to write all their content – and it shows.

We’re also seeing our members seeking a sense of community as much as regular content.

I spoke with a copywriter who has her head in the sand and thoughts mired in the past.

She thinks AI will not impact her job – it already has.

I’m a pragmatist. When changes happen, there’s zero point in wishing it wasn’t so.

Within our two businesses, The Estate Agent Content Club and The Ethical Agent Network, we’re embracing AI and using it to free up time to do more around training, community and consultancy.

Below are three AI tools we use and can recommend, although we’re currently testing more.

Chat GPT – People who are professionals or at least good at writing can use ChatGPT better than most. Why?

Because getting ChatGPT to create useful content relies on the quality of the prompts you give it, we use ChatGPT for ideas, headline suggestions and research but not to write full articles or blogs. It’s imperfect and often requires plenty of editing, but it’s VERY handy.

Fireflies AI – This is probably the piece of AI that I like best. It sits in your online meetings and takes notes. It then provides a transcription, recording and summary of the discussion.

It outlines action tasks, and you can search for certain phrases and names mentioned during the meeting—a useful tool.

Grammarly – This writing tool has been around a while, but it’s now including more AI into it, making it more useful regarding suggestions, accuracy and identifying the tones of voice your company uses most often – i.e., negative, positive, friendly, informal.

I gave Chat GPT a prompt asking for ten ideas of AI tools that estate agents in the UK should consider.

Here’s what it said:

While I may not have specific brands for each type of tool, here are some AI-powered platforms and tools that are applicable to the real estate industry in the UK:

PropTech Solutions: Kamma provides AI-powered solutions for compliance, analytics, and more in the property sector.

AI Virtual Tours: Matterport is a leading platform offering 3D virtual tours, including AI-powered features like automatic measurements and floorplan creation.

Chatbot Service: Ubisend provides a conversational AI platform for business with estate agencies among its clients.

Machine Learning CRM: Contactually is a CRM that uses machine learning to analyze communication with clients and prioritize contacts.

Predictive Analytics: REalyse is a UK-based company providing big data and predictive analytics for the property market.

AI-based Document Analysis: LEVERTON, an MRI Software Company, provides an AI-powered data extraction tool that can be used to analyze property-related documents.

Property Maintenance AI: While not a complete solution, Fixflo is software for reporting repairs in the rental market. Integrating AI could predict maintenance needs.

AI-based Marketing Tools: Spacio’s solution uses AI to intelligently follow up with leads based on data collected from property open house events.

Automated Valuation Model (AVM): HouseCanary is a platform that provides a suite of products, including an automated valuation model.

AI Personal Assistant: Offrs provides an AI Assistant for estate agents that generates predictions regarding listing opportunities.

Please note that it’s always important to research and try out different solutions, as the best fit will depend on specific needs, budget, and other factors.


One of the most exciting uses of AI in estate agencies is a product under development called Prospector Pro. It’s the brainchild of well-known agency owner and coach John Paul and a software engineer called Adam Collinson.

It uses AI to help your team’s prospecting calls improve exponentially.

I was so impressed by it during a chat with John that, along with several other people who know the industry well, I invested in it.

What I like most is that Adam and John are building this AI with a real focus on ethics and ensuring it enhances the people side of agency rather than removes it.

One word of caution I’d offer around AI, especially with chatbots, is don’t attempt to fool people that they are talking to a human if your online chat service is ‘manned’ exclusively by robots.

Anyway, that’s enough, for now, I’m off to watch Terminator 2 Judgement Day – Here’s the blurb: All stealth bombers are upgraded with Cyberdyne computers, making them fully unmanned and resulting in perfect operations. A Skynet funding bill is passed in the United States Congress, and the system goes online on August 4, 1997, removing human decisions from strategic defence.

Thanks for reading.