Two words estate agents should ban

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I had a lightbulb moment yesterday.

I was listening to a podcast, Leadership Revealed, hosted by well-known industry figure John Paul.

It’s full of sensible advice, and he’s got an excellent track record in business, so he obviously practices what he preaches.

He said something along the lines of imagining being on your death bed and reliving your life. The things you did for your family, the friends you made, your highs and lows.

But one phrase stood out for me. He spoke of thinking about how we had used our lives to ‘serve our community.’

Community is a word not enough estate agents pay attention to.

Too much focus is on the ‘target market’ or the ‘intended audience’. So, from here on, I suggest we ban the words market and audience and replace it with – community.

Market suggests buying or selling. And if you are treating people like commodities don’t have a whinge up when they start returning the favour and basing their decisions on price alone.

But when you serve the community, genuinely and generously, you start standing out from other agents who care only for the market.

I’ve always thought that a lot of agencies are focusing on market share at the expense of customer/community care.

Chris Watkin’s video methods for estate agents are all about getting out there and meeting and showcasing their community.

The best Facebook pages have a sense of community rather than commerce.

I think we’re in an age where we need to share much, much more than we sell.

Whether we’re estate agents, content writers, mechanics, fitness trainers or anyone else in business for that matter when we share with our community, we show we care for it.

And that spirit of generosity usually finds its way back to us.

Thanks for reading.


PS: In the spirit of sharing, I wanted to give you the heads up about Perry Power’s upcoming two-day course for estate agents looking to grow their business. Like John and Chris, Perry’s one of the estate agency community’s givers. The link for more info is below:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]