When Did Your Agency Do the Right Thing?

Hello Folks,

We’re entering the final furlong of the Only Way is Ethics, the A to Z guide to ethical estate agency.

The shiny printed copies of this were delivered last week.

Hit me up if you want one sent to your agency.

So, this week, we are looking at V to X (finding an ethical topic for X requires some creative licence).

Let’s go.

V – Visionary leadership

Visionary leadership extends beyond foresight and innovation.

From an ethical agency perspective, a leader means navigating the future with a commitment to sustainability, community enhancement and fair practices.

These people anticipate future market trends and client needs while ensuring their agency’s methods and practices are ethically sound and beneficial for all stakeholders.

Implementing ethical, visionary leadership

Sustainable development: Advocate for eco-friendly properties and sustainable development in the community.

Community investment: Lead initiatives that positively impact local areas, like supporting affordable housing projects.

Fair business practices: Champion transparency and fairness in all dealings, setting an industry standard for ethical operations.

What are the benefits?

1)         Reputation for integrity

Ethical foresight builds a strong, reputable brand.

2)         Long-term client trust

Clients value agencies that look to the future and prioritise ethical considerations.

3)         Employee pride and engagement

A visionary and ethical approach inspires employees, fostering a committed and motivated workforce.

Quick tip:

Regularly review and update your agency’s ethical guidelines to align with your visionary objectives.

Final thought

Make a list of leaders you admire for their vision and ethical ways. Could you emulate them? 

W – Work smarter, not harder

In the estate agency world, ‘work smarter, not harder’ encapsulates the ethos of leveraging strong client relationships to streamline business efforts. By nurturing trust and satisfaction through high-quality service and care, your agency can build a referral and repeat business network, reducing the need for constant prospecting.

Strategies for smarter work

Build strong relationships: Focus on creating lasting connections with clients, ensuring their experiences are positive and memorable.

Encourage referrals: Satisfied clients are your best advocates. Develop a referral scheme to incentivise recommendations.

Streamline processes: Use technology and efficient systems to enhance productivity and client service.

What are the benefits?

Increased efficiency

Less time spent on prospecting means more time for client service and business growth.

Client loyalty

Strong relationships lead to repeat business and a loyal client base.

Reduced stress

A smarter approach alleviates the pressure of constantly seeking new leads.

Quick tip:

“So often, people are working hard at the wrong thing. Working on the right thing is more important than simply working hard.” – Caterina Fake

Final thought

Ethical and client-focused practices naturally lead to a smarter, more efficient, successful business model. Quality service leads to client satisfaction, which in turn generates new opportunities.

X – eXamine

So, coming up with an X for this guide required a little creative licence.

But ‘eXamine’ fits the bill, and it’s a genuinely good idea to regularly and thoroughly review your agency’s practices and supply chains.

These reviews can cover everything from partner ethics to internal processes and client interactions, ensuring alignment with ethical, efficient and sustainable practices.

What to eXamine

Supplier and partner ethics: Check if partners share your ethical values.

Internal processes: Review your operations for ethical integrity and efficiency.

Transparent operations: Regularly check that your team upholds strict ethical standards in all dealings.

Client-focused: Continuously review and improve every point of your client’s journey with your agency. Find ways to enhance performance and client service.

Environmental responsibility: Monitor and measure your ecological footprint.

What are the benefits?

•          Regular reviews improve efficiency, and the service clients receive.

•          Constantly improving ethical practices builds trust and respect.

•          A commitment to ethics and sustainability that’s regularly examined and improved upon motivates your staff.

Quick tip:

Schedule an annual ‘Business Health Check’ involving all departments for a comprehensive review. And stick to it. The adage ‘what you measure, you can manage’ is true, especially in a fast-moving industry like estate agency.

Final thought

Regularly examining your business will ensure a commitment to continual improvement, maintaining ethics and values, and higher performance, productivity, and profit levels.

I’d love to hear from ethical estate agents about moments when they did the right thing for their clients even though it cost their agency time, money or both.

Thanks for your time.

I appreciate it.