Why estate agents who ‘do’ content, do better 

I’m always dumbstruck when I hear about an estate agency that doesn’t have a content marketing strategy in place. It’s 2024. 

The ‘strategy’ could be dedicating an hour a week to writing your own blog. 

Or outsourcing it to a writer or a content creation company. 

Your content plan could involve committing to one video on YouTube weekly or an Instagram post daily. 

The key is to make it simple because, as the author James Clear (check out his weekly emails; they’re excellent) says about building new habits, “The easier they are to do, the more likely you are to continue doing them.” 

I believe all sectors, no matter how big or small, need to be content marketing, but especially estate agents. 


Well, two things mainly. 

1 – The common public perception (and misguided in my experience) is that estate agents are usually untrustworthy. 

2 – Content marketing is THE perfect way of overcoming that trust issue. 


Regularly showing up with interesting, helpful, non-salesy articles and information that educates and entertains you naturally build trust. 

Consistent content is the most cost-efficient way of cracking the KLT Code –Know, Like, Trust. 

  • By sharing articles and information regularly (at least three times a week), people will learn about your agency and know what it stands for. 
  • By showing up and looking to tell your community how to do something rather than sell something, they’ll start to like your agency, especially if your content has humour, honesty, expertise, and a conversational tone. 
  • By always being sincere and by simply being consistently ‘there’ across your chosen social media channels, people will start to trust your agency. 
  • Be real – the recent rap battle between hip-hop legends Drake and Kendrick Lamar highlighted the importance of authenticity. Lamar beat Drake not just because he’s a better rapper/musician/writer but because his back story is authentic. He grew up in the environment he raps about, while Drake’s lyric lineage feels manufactured and inauthentic. People will see through your content if you’re trying to be something you’re not. 

Big brands got us to know, like and trust them in the past through mass advertising, but now the rules of the game have changed thanks to the reach of the internet.  

It’s now much easier for smaller businesses, estate agencies included, to crack the KLT Code. 

What’s the end goal, though? 

The best agents put time, effort and money into content marketing because it generates new leads and recommendations and paves the way for potential clients to contact them. Put simply, it works. 

It’s why all the best content features a clear call to action. 

For example, To discover more about our personalised property management, send us a message (for social media platforms).  

Or, if you need help getting your home ready for a summer sale, call us today for friendly, no-obligation advice. 

Don’t be too clever with your calls to action; if they’re unclear, they can get ignored. 

One Month’s Free Trial 

Talking of calls to action, here goes. 

You’ve been receiving my emails and blogs for a while now. I hope you have found them helpful and interesting and trust our intentions and advice. 

So, with that in mind, I’d like to offer a free one-month trial of our industry-leading (we’re the number one ranked estate Agent content creator on Google Reviews) Estate Agent Content Club. 

We’ve more than 100 monthly members – all non-competing, independent estate agents who are cracking the KLT Code with our content and advice. The sales and lettings membership provides you with all the fresh, weekly content you need to have a tried and tested plan working for you. 

If you’re interested in finding out if the area you serve is available, reply to this email with the postcode districts you serve. We take our members’ brands very seriously, so we NEVER break our exclusive rule in our area.  

Thanks for reading,