11 Ways Estate Agents Can Save the World

In this short read, I’ll share how estate agents can do their bit to fight the biggest long-term threat to humanity we’ve ever faced AND how it can help your business win more instructions.

The eyes of the world are upon global leaders as they meet to discuss how to (literally) save the planet at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

The event lasts until 12 November. It couldn’t be more important and let’s hope/pray/wish that the leaders of the world’s most powerful nations agree on a united front against an enemy that doesn’t give a monkey’s about borders.

But what can your agency do to combat climate change?

Here are 11 ideas you could try.

  1. Lease an electric car.
  2. Ask a local environmental charity to do an audit of your office and operations to work out your carbon footprint.
  3. Buy from local suppliers wherever possible.
  4. Install a mains-attached water filter rather than single-use plastic bottles.
  5. Research the proptech that will cut down on the amount of paper you use.  
  6. If you own your office and are in a position to do so, consider installing solar panels – I know an agency that did this and their energy bills have been slashed.
  7. Share content and ideas that help homeowners, tenants, and landlords, to live in a more sustainable way.
  8. Eco-friendly boards – Kremer Signs are among one of the industry suppliers offering recycled boards.
  9. For each completion, plant a tree.
  10. Use public transport to attend industry conferences and events.
  11. Over to you – I’d love to hear your climate change combatting ideas.

I’ve been listening to a lot of business leaders and it’s clear they feel customers will put more emphasis on choosing companies who are doing their bit for the environment. So, it also makes business sense.

The big question

Finally, a lot of leadership and business commentators use the New Zealand rugby All Blacks as great examples of a brilliantly consistent team over the decades.

And it’s often cited they have a philosophy of players taking individual responsibility, showing respect and tidying the changing rooms after a session or match – ‘sweeping the sheds’ they call it.

The question I would love you to think about is this.

What are you doing to take responsibility, show leadership, and respect and tidy up the climate change mess that past and present generations have left for our children and their children?

Thanks for reading and feel free to share your ideas because this is one battle we’re truly all in together.