Take the Estate Agent Content Test

I’ve created a REAL easy 90-second test to see if your agency is creating content HITS or sharing a load of SH!TE.

Which content marketing approach sounds most like your agency’s?


H Helpful – Do your articles and videos solve a problem, address a need, answer a question?

I Interesting – Are they well written and produced? Do they focus on your agency rather than what’s on your readers’/viewers’ minds?

T – Targeted – Have you written them for a specific type of individual? For example, downsizers, first-time buyers, developers, and landlords all have different issues and interests you can help with. Do you know your ideal client avatars?

S Sustainable – When it comes to content, consistency is king, queen and the key to capturing and keeping attention. Do you blog at least twice a week? Once a month isn’t good enough nowadays.

If the above sounds familiar, take a bow.

The flipside of this looks very different.


S Self-serving – Does your content simply promote what your agency has done or is doing? With no thought for what’s in it for the readers/viewers?

H Half-hearted – You’ve been told by ‘gurus’ you’ve got to be creating content, but do you do it grudgingly as an afterthought? Do it consistently and with enthusiasm, or don’t bother.

I Impatient – Do you want results NOW? That’s bonkers – like going to a gym once a month and wondering why you’ve still got a muffin top. Content marketing takes at least three to six months to gain momentum. But when you achieve that, it’ll keep snowballing.

T Tepid – Is your content bland? Do you read it and get a little bored? Bland is banned. Create stuff your community, not just your market, is interested in.

E – Erratic – Did you start with four posts in one week, then nothing posted for two months? If so, you need to have a serious rethink.

So, how did you do?

I get it. There’s plenty on your plate. But HITS-based content marketing works wonders for the estate agents that do it.

Thanks for reading.