Estate Agent Content Marketing Trends in 2022

What will be hot in the world of estate agent content marketing in 2022?

Here are some of my thoughts on what looks likely to create a big bang for agents this year.

Agency Video Channels – We’ve seen the rise of video marketing in agencies. But now it’s time to take it to the next level. One of the most interesting YouTube channels I’ve come across is by a company called Ashville Holdings. They have somehow made lorries, skips, concrete, and cleaning out containers interesting. Led by the company’s charismatic owner, Daniel Louisy, they release a weekly behind-the-scenes video which makes for excellent viewing. It has high production values, and he’s invested in making it outstanding.

As agents, you have much more interesting stuff to share than Daniel. You change lives, make dreams happen, and deal with something everyone with a pulse needs.

An agency that invests in this type of access all areas video marketing will establish you as one to watch in 2022 – literally. Could you start with a day in the life of a local estate agency expert?

Voice Search – Ask Alexa or Siri ‘who is the best estate agent in (your area)’ and see who they come up with. The rise in people searching for stuff by asking their devices will matter for agents in 2022. I’m currently working on a guide for my Estate Agent Content Club members that goes through this topic.

QR Codes – A fad that died for a bit in the early 2010s – they have made a Return of the Jedi-like comeback thanks to increasingly intelligent smartphones. The use of QR codes on agency marketing materials (print and digital) will grow even more in 2022. Clever use of them on direct mail helps bring a brand to life by taking the reader, via the QR code, to a video where the agent can share their thoughts and show their personality.

Screen Fatigue – An increasingly high number of people report screen fatigue symptoms. People are starting to become sick and tired of looking at screens for nearly everything – work, rest, and play. This means the opportunity to get in people’s ears is growing. Local podcasts and apps like Clubhouse give agents a different route to get in front of people in the communities they serve.

Community Cheerleading Content – Becoming known as the agent who supports the local community is a great way to be recognised. So take the time to research and create a community calendar and be the agent who lets your area know what’s on. Get involved with local charities, run competitions for the kids, and give back at every opportunity. It’s PR and content gold.

All the above is based on watching trends develop. I follow a lot of American marketeers and Australian estate agents as they seem to be a little further along the line than us over here.

Whatever you do for your agency in 2022, don’t half-ar$e it. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth investing in and doing it as well as you can.

Thanks for reading.