Five Ideas to Add Some Magic to Your Agency’s Marketing

Creating wow moments, using nostalgia and supporting your community

I’m often asked what’s the most important thing in estate agency marketing?

For me, it’s consistency.

Showing up regularly in a helpful and interesting way stands out – especially when you do it like clockwork.

From April 2021, we showed up. Every. Single. Day. With Daily Ideas for our Estate Agent Content Club members.

And this year, we’re sharing them with non-members.

Below are five we shared over the past five weeks – we started on 1 January and haven’t missed a day.

The ideas below contain several tips to make your agency that little bit better.


Today’s idea is simple. Encourage people to shop locally and support their community.


Choose a local business and tag them in a social media post encouraging people (only if they’re good at what they do) to support them.


Remember the past to raise your agency’s profile in the future.

People love nostalgia and looking back at yesteryear, when life seemed easier, gas prices weren’t crippling, and the weekly shop wasn’t something you needed to take out a loan for.

Three simple ways estate agents can get all nostalgic and highlight their longevity include:

Old photos of how your office used to look.

Photos of your team from back in the day (juxtaposed with how they look now is also good).

Copies of your newspaper listings or similar print cut-outs.

Can you think of any other ways of guiding people on a walk down memory lane?


When we were initially asked to come up with our club’s values as part of a coaching exercise, we were slightly cynical.

Our initial take on it was that it sounded like corporate w@nk.

But three years after sitting down and working out what matters to us, it’s proven time well spent.

We use our values as a compass to make decisions that help us map out what we do and stay true to what matters to us.

Talking of maps, many agencies have them on walls in their office, but perhaps also consider getting your agency’s values up on display for the world to see.

And while you’re at it, share them on social media, your website and your marketing materials.

Ours are – Community, support the people we serve – Creativity, do things differently – Value, time, hard work and good people.


Does your agency’s marketing serve all your community?

According to the British Dyslexia Association, more than 10% of the UK’s population have varying degrees of dyslexia.

That’s six million people (approximately).

Hundreds of thousands, potentially millions, will be potential sellers, buyers, tenants and landlords.

Even when you drill down the numbers to your local level, we are still talking about thousands of people.

People that aren’t buying into your agency’s marketing, content and communications simply because it’s not easy and accessible for them to do so.

That’s why we’ve come up with what we believe is a first for the estate agency industry in the UK.

We’ve created a free guide for our members on the best and easiest ways to make content and marketing materials that people with dyslexia find more accessible.

Does your agency do this?

It’s a no-brainer for business and ethically the right thing to do.

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