Headless Estate Agent Found in Topless Bar

In this article I’ll share with you why the headlines you choose for your agency’s marketing content will make or break its effectiveness.

Now I’m guessing the above headline caught your attention.

I’ve used journalistic licence on the original headline which was published on the front cover of the New York Post in 1983.

And like all brilliant headlines, it sums up the story and arouses interest.

A man was indeed found decapitated in a topless bar. That’s a rough night out.

It is a legendary piece of work in journalism circles.

If you are creating content, of any description, you need to know how to create great headlines.

Get it wrong, and no one will want to read what follows, meaning all the effort you’ve put into the content is wasted, as the reader hasn’t gone past first base.

Get it right, and you’ll help them decide this is something they want to invest some of their precious time in and discover the full story.

It’s why student journalists spend weeks focussing on how to write them. I slaved over them because it was clear they would make or break the impact of anything I wrote.

What makes a good headline for estate agent content?

If it’s a blog, sum up what the reader can expect, i.e. Six things that can reduce the value of your AREA home.

If it’s a brochure, the headline needs to nail what’s in it for the recipient. i.e. How to secure the best price possible for your home.

The same applies to email subject lines, canvassing letters and captioning your videos.

The one I’m most proud was written for a news magazine where the editor insisted that all front cover headlines could only be three words long. That’s a challenge.

The story was about an upmarket restaurant which had been caught serving up horse meat and claiming it was premium beef.

The headline?

Horses for Courses.

What’s your favourite headline?

Thanks for reading and have a divine Sunday.

Rev Lyons

PS: For a simple way of checking how your headlines are shaping up, ping me a message at Jerry@estateagentcontent.co.uk