How can estate agents use content to calm lockdown fears?

A 60-second read.

Hello folks,

Ordinarily, I’d only share this in my members’ only Facebook group, but this has industry-wide importance.

It’s good for all of you all to know this / do this.

The news articles I’ve been writing this week revolve around the tier system and what it means to the respective local property markets. (Apart from my Content Club members in Scotland and Wales who have different regulations, so different messaging at the moment).

The articles reinforce the theme that, as it stands, estate agency is open for business despite the tier system restrictions.

This is such a key point to get across to your communities. Here’s why:

My neighbour, Anne, said to me yesterday ‘Oh so all the estate agents have stopped working, when will they be allowed to return?’

I live in a tier 1 area where it’s business as usual for agents, but Anne thought otherwise.

The public is confused, so it’s our job to provide clarity through clear, consistent communication.

Even if you are in tier 2 or 3 areas your agency can still help people move – so it’s ultra-important we, as an industry, get out there with that message, multiple times -The property market is still moving.

Stay safe, stay seen and stay helpful to remain relevant.