The 1 Page Coronavirus PR & Content Plan for Estate Agents

Ordinarily I’d only share this with clients but this issue we’re facing is bigger than personal interests or rivalries – we need to be united as an industry and a national and global society.
It’s predicted by many that things will probably get worse before they get better, but we can all get better before things get worse.

The One Page Coronavirus PR & Content Plan

Using the 6C System


The basis of this plan was formed in 2009 when I worked as a PR man for a housing organisation tackling the Swine Flu virus outbreak. I’ve adapted it for estate agents and added a couple of Cs – compassionately and community.

Summarised in a sentence:

Communicate calmly, clearly, consistently and compassionately with your community.

  • Communicate:

Don’t hide away and hope it goes away. Communicate (call, email, What’s App, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) with anyone involved in your business. – This means clients, prospects, suppliers, contractors and the communities you serve. Let them know what you are doing. Have a front foot mindset like Tyson, not a shrink into your shell turtle. Focus on what you can do, not on what you can’t.

2)   Calmly: Good leaders don’t panic, and if you get your communication and content plan working well, your agency will be taking responsibility and leading the way. Stick to the facts, be honest and remember this will eventually pass.

  • Clearly:

There’s a reason why this plan is on one page and summarised in a single sentence. People can’t take on board large amounts of information, especially in anxious times. Keep your messaging simple and clear. i.e. ‘We’re open for business.’ ‘Here is our six-point Coronavirus protocol.’ ‘We’re here to help no matter what.’

  • Consistently: This is a fast-changing situation. Be ready to communicate at least daily for the foreseeable future. Also, only use recognised sources – the NHS, World Health Organisation, BBC News – Not Frank off Facebook, or Tina on Twitter.
  • Compassionately: People are worried about themselves, their kids, their parents, their jobs. Think carefully before sending out communications. How does the tone sound? Are you being too salesy? These are highly sensitive times, and your agency’s tone needs to reflect this.
  • Community: We are all in this together, and your content and communications need to reflect this. I’m advising all my clients to be as community focussed as possible for the next fortnight. No one will remember your market share during this time, BUT they will remember your agency showed genuine, compassionate community care – like encouraging people to use local independent shops.


Finally: There are opportunities out there. Not just to win business, but to change perceptions of our industry. And remember in bad times you can still do good things.