Why it’s NEVER been more important for estate agents to be seen

All estate agency offices across the UK are closed for the foreseeable.

But they aren’t closed for business.

So it’s more important than ever to think like a Dalek if you want to remain to be seen.

Instead of the malevolent Metal Mickeys’ mantra of Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate – think:

Communicate, communicate, communicate.

I’ve seen a few posts around about ‘regular’ content on social media. If your regular content is all about property or markets or even worse your agency you need to think again and fast.

I’m sensing this kind of content over the next fortnight or so will fall on deaf ears and could even become carbon monoxide marketing – where you can’t see the damage it’s doing to your brand but it is.

Using the HITS way of content my two articles this week are – Ways to calm anxiety in testing times and How to home school successfully. And there are loads more like this in the pipeline using the HITS method.

Landlords are a different case altogether and will need educational content around their obligations, rights and responsibilities during the outbreak.

Stay safe, sane and seen people.


PS: To find out more about the HITS system send me an email.