What I learned from doing this one thing – daily

Since April 2021, I’ve been doing something daily.

Well, every weekday, that is.

I’ve been sharing a daily idea in my exclusive Facebook Members’ Group.

It’s usually linked to estate agency marketing but has encompassed mindset, systems and processes, the behaviours of elite performers and plenty of community tips and ideas.

I’ve shared insights and learnings from some of the leading estate agents in the country.

And yesterday saw the 365 Daily Idea shared.

When I started it off, I just wanted to add more value for our members.

It soon became a popular membership feature and something I’ve enjoyed working on.

Here’s what I’ve learned from coming up with, finding and sharing 365 days’ worth of ideas.

Time Blocking – I spend an hour a week blocked out in my calendar to source, sort, seek and write the following week’s Daily Ideas. It got scheduled. It got done.

Consistency – Without fail, we’ve delivered an idea every weekday since April 2021. Some ideas are better than others, but it’s like content marketing. A consistent stream of good quality always beats infrequent brilliance.

Accountability Matters – When I committed to posting a Daily Idea for 365 days, I told our lovely members. I had to get it done because I was accountable to them.

Just Do It – When I see a good idea, I’ve saved it on my phone, PC etc., to return to when I need it.

Time Spent Wisely – 365 ideas divided by five ideas a week equals 73 hours spent on this project (approx. based on one hour a week).

The point is some tasks are more valuable than others. And the Daily Ideas will pay off in more ways than one.

The Power of Focus – My mind was tuned to seeking ideas because of the series I created. It’s incredible how often I picked up ideas simply because I was focused on them. They just seemed to drop in my lap.

Because of these ideas, I now have the following material:

  • A book – The Daily Idea for Estate Agents That Give a Sh!7e (out in December)
  • A year’s worth of daily content
  • A new brand
  • An upcoming weekly podcast
  • A tonne of presentation material and a What’s App Group in the making
  • I’ll be recording Daily Idea Videos starting in September

The videos are where I’ll look at an idea and discuss it in more detail.

Thanks to all those who helped, shared, inspired and above all, implemented ideas.

Because as my old Uncle Tighe used to say: “Ideas ain’t shite without a bit of work put behind them.”

Thanks for reading.