The Tip of the Estate Agency Iceberg

Hi Folks,

A slightly different email this week, as I’m hooking you up with some external content, I think you’ll enjoy.

I had a great chat recently with my mate Rob Brady, who invited me onto his company’s podcast.

Rob works for Iceberg Digital and is an award-winning mental health champion and a lovely fella.

Our chat, fuelled by our mutual ADHD, is worth a listen if you’re interested in learning more about the following:

  • Why it pays to be the first agent through the door
  • The growing impact of an ethical approach to estate agency
  • How to create content that HITS the spot
  • Why 99.9 % of agents are ignoring 6 million people (and potential clients)
  • Why keeping it real can never be wrong

And a whole lot more besides.

The feedback I’ve received from this podcast/video/web chat has been very positive.

I always learn something new when speaking with Rob. And I hope you do, too.

Check it out below.

Podcast Link

Video Version

I’d love to know what you thought of it.

Thanks for your time,