Estate Agents’ Winter Reading List: Books to Transform Your Career

With Christmas nudging ever closer, some of us are getting ahead with our present planning.

Others, like me, will leave it to the last minute and get everyone they love will get a voucher.

But what do you get for the estate agent who is serious about improving as a person and professional?

Well, in my experience, the best agents tend to read – a lot.

As the beautiful mixture of tenacity and tenderness, Vicky Bibiris of Location Location memorably said: “We won’t be outworked OR outlearned.”

So, I asked clients, colleagues and social media people within the agency industry to recommend some books to go on people’s Christmas lists.

And here they are in no particular order, but if the book is in bold, it means it has had multiple recommendations:

1. **Profit First** – Mike Michalowicz

2. **The Surrender Experiment** – Michael Singer

3. **£100M Leads: How to Get Strangers to Want to Buy Your Stuff** – Alex Hormozi

4. **Delivering Happiness** – Tony Hsieh

5. **Legacy** – James Kerr

6. **How to Win Friends and Influence People** – Dale Carnegie

7. **Atomic Habits** – James Clear

8. **You Inc** – John McGrath

9. **Ikigai** – Hector Garcia & Francesc Miralles

10. **11 Rings** – Phil Jackson

11. **Anything You Want** – Derek Sivers

12. **The Art of Impossible** – Steven Kotler

13. **The War of Art** – Steven Pressfield

14. **Daily Stoic** – Ryan Holiday

15. **Shoe Dog** – Phil Knight

16. **The Diary of a CEO** – Steven Bartlett

17. **The Hard Thing About Hard Things** – Ben Horowitz

18. **The Power of Habit** – Charles Duhigg

19. **What It Takes** – Stephen Schwarzman

20. **No Rules Rules** – Reed Hastings

21. **The Ride of a Lifetime** – Robert Iger

22. **Traction** – Gino Wickman

23. **Mindset** – Carol Dweck

24. **The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k – Mark Manson

25. **The Slight Edge** – Jeff Olson

26. **Moments of Truth** – Jan Carlzon

27. **Mastering the Rockefeller Habits** – Verne Harnish

28. **The Power of Vulnerability** – Brené Brown

29. **The Magic of Thinking Big** – David J. Schwartz

30. **Unreasonable Hospitality** – Will Guidara

31. **Sleep** – Nick Littlehayes

32. **The Leader Who Had No Title** – Robin Sharma

33. **Simple Logical Repeatable** – Marianne Page

34. **Deliver What You Promise** – John DiJulius

35. **The Four Agreements** – Don Miguel Ruiz

36. **Twelve and a Half** – Gary Vaynerchuk

37. **Think Like a Monk** – Jay Shetty

38. **They Ask You Answer** – Marcus Sheridan

39. **Can’t Hurt Me** – David Goggins

40. **Principles** – Ray Dalio

41. **Ali Baba, the House that Jack Ma Built** – Duncan Clark

42. **Extreme Ownership** – Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

43. **Grit** – Angela Duckworth

44. **The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People** – Stephen Covey

45. **Start with Why** – Simon Sinek

46. **Anything by Richard Branson** – including “Losing My Virginity,” “Screw It, Let’s Do It,” and “Finding My Virginity.”

47. **The Alchemist** – Paulo Coelho

48. **The Infinite Game** – Simon Sinek

49. **Winners** – Alastair Campbell

50. **The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse** – Charlie Mackesy

51. **The 12 Week Year** – Michael Lennington & Brian P. Moran

And Paddington Bear, by Michael Bond, as recommended by David Mintz.

What book/books would you add to this list?

Thanks for reading (or listening if you’re into audiobooks).