Two Popular Ideas for Ambitious Estate Agencies

Hello Folks,

It’s a short and very sweet one this week. But it really does contain some marketing magic.

For the past 249 days, I’ve been sharing a Daily Idea on improving your agency’s performance your well-being, and anything I have come across that may help you somehow.

And just like buses two come in the same week which have proved the most popular.

So here they are below in case you missed them when we posted them on Facebook and Linkedin.

Daily Idea 242

This. Is. Marketing.

I’ve always loved this brilliant piece of marketing from Oliver James to welcome potential buyers.

Remember, every time you market a property for sale or rent, it’s not just the property you’re marketing – you’re also promoting your agency’s attention to detail, enthusiasm and creativity.

Daily Idea 244

A Window to Your Community

If your estate agency office is in an area with decent footfall, what follows is a brilliant idea.

Tom Tarver of Johnsons Property Consultants in Evesham shared this post about his agency’s clever, community-minded use of their office’s window space.

They’ve created a What’s on in the Community notice board.

This idea works on four fronts for me.

1)         It builds engagement with community groups looking to promote their events.

2)         Creating this notice board for local people shows that your agency is community-minded.

3)         It brings attention to your brand from people who might not typically give an estate agency office window a second glance.

4)         One of the most successful agents I’ve ever worked with said, ‘It’s a good estate agent’s job to know what’s going on locally as it makes building rapport easier.’

Bravo Tom and Team Johnsons. 

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