What an American Superstar Can Teach UK Estate Agents

This week, we dive into our archives to share three ideas around mindset, movement and marketing for estate agents.

Why these three areas? Let me explain:

Mindset – Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right. It all starts ‘upstairs’.

Movement – There’s absolutely bugger all use being the agent with the biggest market share if you are too unhealthy to reap the rewards and enjoy the experience.

Marketing – We’re in an age when it’s not just about being an estate agent who markets property, you need to be a marketer of your estate agency’s services.


How Estate Agents Can Take Hart from Comedy Superstar

I like the American comedian, actor and entrepreneur Kevin Hart.

I’m not a big fan of his comedy, it’s good, but I am a HUGE admirer of his attitude towards life.

He’s a funny, hard-working, down-to-earth guy who has an incredibly positive mindset, as I discovered when I read his autobiography – I Can’t Make This Up – Life Lessons.

He lists eight qualities which he says helped him ‘make the most of a bad hand and pick out all the aces’.

1 – Persistence – Kevin says: “It’s ok to fail, but it ain’t ok to quit.”

2 – Patience – Understand your moment will eventually come.

3 – Class – Stay humble and treat ALL people well.

4 – Commitment – Stick to your word, whether that’s with yourself or others. Honour your obligations.

5 – Learning – Kevin says this: “Shut your mouth, listen, evaluate and learn from every experience. And act upon the learning.”

6 – Passion-Centred Competitiveness – All of the above are driven by passion. You are competing against others but mainly against yourself.

7 – Positivity – What you put out is what you get back. His attitude is: “If you come across a negative person, move around them like you would a puddle. Don’t get dragged into the mud.”

8 – Discomfort – Don’t get too comfortable if you have lofty goals. Learn to live in the stretch zone rather than the comfort or stressed zones.


A NEAT Way to Getting Healthier

It was a wise old Chinese fella who said a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

He could’ve been describing something that healthcare and fitness experts have labelled Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT).

It’s a bit of a mouthful and simply means the stuff you do to burn calories that isn’t sleeping, eating or sports-like exercises.

So, for estate agents, examples of NEAT are walking to a valuation/viewing that’s five minutes away rather than driving. Consider using a standing desk, taking the stairs whenever you can or having walking team meetings where possible.

I’ve built NEAT habits into my daily routine. I’ll park further away than I need to when walking my daughter to her school gates. The office where I work has a water cooler on the ground floor and my unit is on the first, but rather than fill up a two-litre bottle, I use a medium-sized beaker meaning more trips to refill it – burning up more calories.

There are loads more ideas on the net around NEAT things you can do.

It’s an easy way to make positive little changes.


Right Place, Right Time – Wrong Idea

I sent out a marketing email a week ago about the Estate Agent Content Club and its benefits.

I got a reply from one particular agent who said something along the lines of ‘great timing, I’ve just started looking for a service like this.’

He’s a great guy and joined the club. (My view of him wasn’t biased because he came aboard – although it helps.)

It’s easy to view this sale as me being in the right place at the right time. That would be wrong.

Why? Because I’ve sent out at least a dozen emails promoting the EACC and its benefits.

So, this member seeing one of those emails and responding wasn’t lucky.

By marketing this service hard and trying to ensure as many agents as possible have been made aware of it, I raised my chances of getting lucky. And that persistence pays off.

It’s the same with your marketing to win new vendors. Sure, you may get lucky with a one-off mail-out or email campaign, but chances are you need to constantly get your agency’s brand out there.

You need to remind people what you do and why you are worth choosing.

I’ve never forgotten an agency over in West Sussex who told me they were the area’s best-kept secret. They were lovely people but marketing averse.

They ended up shutting up for good in 2017.

Thanks for reading.