What Daleks Teach Estate Agents.

In this week’s Midweek Marketing Magic, I share five recently published Daily Ideas that give practical insights for estate agents.

Four of these ideas came from my part in organising an industry event earlier this month, alongside Paul Long and John Paul.

The fifth idea was something that could have been applied to the planning process of the event as well as various aspects of estate agency.

It’s good to talk.

Take time out of the office to learn, meet and chat with peers and partners within your industry.

Many agents are doing that today at an event we’re co-hosting in Manchester.

I often think the most valuable parts of industry events happen away from the presentations.

They happen at the socials the night before or during the lunch breaks, and involve agents simply chatting with each other and sharing ideas and experiences.

Do it like a Dalek

“Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate.”

(Yes, I know I’ve ba$tardised Dr Who’s tin-headed rivals’ famous mantra, but it works for this idea.)

Last Friday, I co-organised an event for agents in Manchester along with Paul Long and John Paul.

It went really well, and the feedback was ace.

The three of us are already working on another event for next year off the back of the success of this one.

We all had different roles in the collaboration. Paul did much of the promotion, JP brought together the sponsors, and I did most of the PR and event-related content.

Bringing the event together with friends you trust was much easier and enjoyable.

So, with the Daleks in mind, who could you be collaborating with?

A local solicitor (an obvious one)?

A care home (downsizing opportunities)?

A kids’ nursery (upsizing opportunities)?

A removal company (advertising your agency on their vans)?

Hold Post-Mortems

Off the back of the recent event Paul Long, John Paul and I held, we’re getting together to have a ‘post-mortem.’

A review of what went well, what didn’t, where we can improve, what we can add to the next event, etc.

We’ve already started but are booking a date next month to get together and thoroughly review everything.

What could your agency hold post-mortems over?


Marketing campaigns?

Mystery shop results?

It’s a great way to improve things and clarify what works.

How far would you go to gain an advantage?

On Friday, we welcomed Regina Mangan and her colleagues from Liberty Blue, who came over from Eire to Manchester for our agency conference.

Think of the time and money they spent – or as Regina said ‘invested’.

That shows incredible commitment to learning and gaining an advantage.

And if you check out their 700+ Google Reviews, you can sense that her team implement the ideas they pick up from their trips over here.

She’s not alone.

Luke St Clair and Matt Giggs, two brilliant agency leaders, travel to Australia to learn from our cousins down under.

They come back with little improvements to improve their agencies and give them an advantage over their local competitors.

Agents like these guys are rare – they’re willing to travel, to be open-minded and to explore ideas – and that’s what makes them successful.

Will this simple question save you from losing time, wasting money and tasting failure?

I know, I know, I’ve mentioned Steven Bartlett’s ‘33 Laws to Life and Business’ book several times.

But it’s because it’s brilliant.

One of the laws raises a profound question you can use before implementing any idea.

Be that a marketing campaign.

A new team member.

Working with a new proptech supplier.

Opening a second/third agency office.

The question can be applied to pretty much anything.

And it is – Why will this fail?

This manifesting failure technique is often called a pre-mortem and helps you see what pain and problems could lie ahead.

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Thanks for reading.