What do Estate Agents Really Sell?

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”4/6″][vc_column_text]Hi folks, I’m up earlier on a Sunday than a priest, so I thought I’d share this with y’all.

What do estate really agents sell?

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It’s been cold recently.

And it’s been getting dark earlier.

And across the UK it has been, to use a meteorological phrase, absolutely pissing down for what feels like months.

Before you start thinking I’m indulging in National State the Bleeding Obvious Day let me explain where I’m headed.

I was shuffling down the High Street where I live the other day cold, wet and miserable.

It was that dusky 4 pm-ish time of the day when a great piece of marketing struck me.

Not literally I must add, actually the only way I think that could happen is a billboard falling on top of someone. Or perhaps a well-designed flier catching a gust of wind and whacking you straight in the mush.

Anyway I digress. The local travel agent had in flashing lights in their window three simple but brilliantly attention-grabbing words shining out of the early November afternoon gloom.


Bang. Simple but super.

It’s a cracking example of selling the benefits, not the features.

All those cold, miserable people scurrying past with their umbrellas up, scarves on and wrapped up like south coast mummies aren’t thinking ‘I hope that travel agent is organised with lots of shiny brochures’ or ‘I really need 10 per cent off a coach trip to Windsor Castle.’

Or ‘isn’t it great they have the biggest market share in my town.’

Nope. Those who are in the market for a holiday this time of year are predominantly looking for winter sun or some sunnier times to look forward to next year.

And the window sign tells them that this travel agent has exactly that, so come on in folks.

What are you selling?

As estate agents, you sell houses. And as letting agents you find landlords tenants correct?

But before you do any of that, surely you have to sell trust. Then a good track record along with your expertise.

When I’ve instructed agents in the past integrity and honesty were the most important things I needed to feel I would be getting from them. I also wanted good results, obviously.

Whoever I do business with trust is my number one must-have. You could have the best doctor in the world giving you advice but if you didn’t trust his or her motives…..think about it people.

But how do you sell trust, integrity and results as an estate agent? Here are some brief thoughts, but I’m sure you have some of your own, and I’d be interested to hear everyone’s ideas.

Trust – Promote your track record of testimonials from delighted customers. Whether it’s via getting Google Reviews, writing up case studies or having a jam-packed testimonials page on your website -these all help sell trust. Social proof in the house.

Integrity – Again testimonials help but I think also having a clear tone of voice on your website. Genuine, personable and professional without losing the human touch. Do you sound like someone people can trust? Does your website or marketing clearly outline the promises you make to your clients?

Results – A client of mine researched their local market and came up with a Rightmove graph that showed clearly, they had the highest level of sales agreed through to completion in the town (not the biggest market share or instructions agreed). They also attend valuations with a full folder of comparables and case studies. And testimonials. They ain’t just telling they are showing they get results.

There are loads more other ways you can build on the above themes and add expertise, local knowledge etc.

I’m off to the travel agents later after a Remembrance Sunday event to try to buy me and the Lyons’ posse some sun in February. My pale Irish skin needs it.


Father Jerry Lyons

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