What estate agents should look for when employing a content writer

There’s a lot of talk on estate agency forums lately about content. Which is good.

One of the few positives to come from lockdown is the content marketing penny dropped with a lot of agents who for the first time in years had plenty of time on their hands.

With this in mind, I’ve come up with a 2-minute guide on things to look for when choosing a content creator to work with your estate agency. Here goes.

1)     Industry Experience – The best content creators in any sector are specialists, and as such, know the industry they are writing about inside out.

2)     Tone and Style – This is very important because different content creators have different styles and tone of voice. Get the content provider to send you some samples so you can gauge if you like the way the articles sound. Ask yourself, is this how I want my agency to come across?

3)     Social Proof – Whether it’s from their Google Reviews, case studies, or testimonials, a good content creation company will have no problems sharing the proof that what they do is working for other agents.

4)     Their Marketing – Do they market themselves well? After all, you wouldn’t take the advice of a financial adviser who was driving a beaten-up old banger. Or a gym instructor who was out of shape.

5)     Check Claims –If they claim to have dozens of satisfied clients, ask to speak to a couple of them.

6)     MultiUse  Check that the content lends itself to multiple marketing platforms. A good piece of written content is the springboard for your blog and/or video scripts, to be broken down into highly shareable chunks and even direct mailouts.

7)     Area Exclusivity – This is THE biggie and particularly relevant if you are looking for regular content. You want the reassurance of knowing your rivals across the road won’t have access to exactly the same content you are sharing. By NOT having area exclusivity, you are watering down your agency’s voice considerably and laying seeds of confusion in your audience’s minds.

I hope this helps some of you. Cheers, JL.