What lasting impression is your estate agency leaving?

Wall of Fame v Corner of Shame – Week 3

Each week I look at some of the best and worst in estate agency marketing—a one-minute read.

It’s Friday, and hopefully, that means you’ll be handing over the keys to plenty of excited buyers who can’t wait to start writing a new chapter in their lives.

But is that all you hand over?

No gift? No token of appreciation? No creative way of getting your agency’s efforts shared by the new homeowner online?

You’re missing a big trick. And one that this week’s Wall of Fame winner, Oliver of Oliver James, in M44 has perfected to an art form. Check out the photo with this post.

I love this keepsake he presents his purchasers with. Works on so many levels.

Oliver drew inspiration from Luke St Clair, who got the idea from our cousins Down Under.

It doesn’t matter where a good idea comes from; it matters what you do with it.

Corner of Shame

The reverse of Oliver’s agency approach is those agents who do nothing to mark such a key milestone in a client’s life.

I’ve bought and sold properties on six occasions and during that time have never received a gift or memento from an agent. So those six can head straight into the corner of shame.

You may only get one chance to make a first impression but has your agency paid thought to its lasting impression?

If you want me to share 12 great gift ideas for new homeowners your agency can give, let me know with a ‘go on, then you sweet haired rascal’ in the comments below.