Award Winning & Ferrari Levels

On Friday evening we won the Best Supplier Fundraising award at the Agents Giving event, which was nice.
But more importantly several of our members and a mentor were rightly recognised with awards for the effort and support they give their communities.
I see a definite link between those agents who do content marketing well, especially community-based content and those agents who win not just awards but also the hearts and minds of their local audience and communities.
Congratulations to Knightsbridge Estate Agents of Leicester, Alan Batt Estate Agents in Wigan and St Stephen Brown who were among the winners on the evening.
Big shout out to ALL you agents doing the right thing by the people and places you serve. #Winwin

Agency Lessons From Ferrari

‘We don’t do anything second class.’

In my 20s, I spent five or so years working for a company that sold Ferrari merchandise.

The guy in charge of dealing with them to create their licenced products told me many stories of how micro-focussed they were on the quality of any product.

From badges to bags and anything else, they were obsessed with maintaining the highest possible quality.

They would often burn thousands of t-shirts that weren’t of the exact standard they wanted. (This was to stop the shirts from ending up on markets and cheapening the brand).

But one tiny example spoke loudly about the detail they delve into.

There was a mailout to thousands of mail order clients (this was the early 1990s), and we were all set to start using the franking machine.

But an irate Italian employee came in and screamed what the hell were we doing sending them out second class?

He demanded we send everything first class.

He was angry that we had even considered sending something that represented Ferrari by ‘the slow post.’

When he calmed down, he explained, ‘At Ferrari, we never do anything, second class, think about what it says about our cars, our history, our passion.’

Something to consider, especially if you are mass mailing high-end homes or serving for the highest levels possible within your agency.

Thanks for reading.