How does your estate agency create ‘wow’ moments?

How does your agency create ‘wow’ moments that turn your clients into raving fans?

Luke St Clair of Knightsbridge Estate Agents in Leicester is an intelligent guy, a generous chap, and an outstanding agent.

His agency has an exceptional position that all agencies should have within their team’s set-up.

They have a role in their organisation called the Director of First Impressions. To the uninitiated, it’s sometimes called a receptionist.

Think about how that title (and the training that comes with it) changes the dynamics of the person tasked to perform that role?

They are the first port of call and skilled in delivering a brilliant first impression to anyone contacting the agency.

I’ve taken on this idea and created a role in our team for our Wow Moment Manager.

It’s a simple remit (and part of a bigger personal assistant role): Seek out ways we can provide ‘wow’ moments to our members and clients.

Amanda, our Wonder Wow Woman, keeps track of weddings, anniversaries, achievements, birthdays, and little things that allow us to show our clients we appreciate them.

Recent examples include sending a great book on sleep to a member who mentioned struggling to get a good night’s kip.

And sending Mr & Mrs mugs to a client who had just got married.

Sometimes, it can be as simple as sending a note or card to a client to thank them for their support.

My personal favourite recent wow moment was when Simon Whale of Kerfuffle arranged for my Liverpool FC-loving nine-year-old daughter and me to go to watch them play at Anfield.

Late last year, we went up there, and she got to see her heroes in the flesh.

From start to finish, the way we were looked after in the lounge was remarkable.

They could not have made more of a fuss of Charlotte. She got a signed shirt and some other freebies but more importantly, she was well and truly wowed. This culminated with her turning to me on the way home and saying, “it felt like a dream, Daddy.”

If we’re serious about running good companies then we are all in the ‘wow’ business.

A great example of wow-worthy opportunities is when you hand over the keys to a new buyer and/or call a seller to say contracts have been exchanged.

The best agents I know, I’m talking about the elite regardless of the market they serve, create ‘wow’ moments regularly.

Actual examples include giving thoughtful gifts to new homeowners. (Not just bubbly or a branded mug!) Some of the best ideas are linked at the bottom of this email.

Here are a couple of others:

Helping a removal company load up a van to stay on schedule and reduce a home seller’s stress.

Spending two hours helping an elderly seller complete their property forms correctly, and patiently explaining the moving process.

When you create a ‘wow’ moment, you get people talking. So when I tell the Liverpool FC story, it shows the club positively (I’m an Arsenal fan, by the way).

When you give a thoughtful gift, you create a conversation opportunity around your agency and why you made the buyer/seller feel special.

And the agent who helped the people move their boxes told me he could trace back five completions from that particular sale. Such is the power of doing something out of the ordinary.

And in my experience, it’s a win-win. You feel good doing it, and the recipient feels valued.

Thanks for reading.


PS: Here’s the link to some gift ideas your agency can give to add a little ‘wow’ to the moving process.